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Construction :-
The unit has a triple walled construction. The inner chamber is made up of CRCA thick mild steel. The outer body is made up of MS, with a powder coated finish.
Temperature Range: Ambient to 400C with an accuracy of 3C.

Control System :-
A Digital temperature microprocessor based PID controller cum indicator with PT-100 sensor controls the heating process. Forced air circulation is effected by a flange mounted, belt driven motor for uniformity of inner chamber temperature. 4 glasswool insulation is provided in between the walls to have skin temp. of the machine below 40C. An Enconal Finned Heater (Hot + Cold zone type junction) with leads taken out of the back of oven with cover for easy accessibility is used as the heating element. The door is fitted with asbestos / Teflon mix square gasket with hinges and special lock arrangement to provide perfect sealing of inner chamber (to avoid heat / power loss).

Optional :-
On demand Software based Microprocessor programmable PID controller with Time proportionate bands, data logger & cyclic timer, real clock battery backup, RAM memory, printer & PC interface controller with PT-100 sensor can be provided with the unit at Extra cost. Our technology is fully controlled, easy to handle, user friendly, intelligent and reliable.



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